ACE ATMs provides premium ATM placement services that offer increased profit sharing rates. All our policies are centered on providing most convenient, hassle-free and profitable ATM placement opportunities to our customers.

ACE ATMs provides competitive rates for increased profit share— starting from 35% and reaching up to 60% on every transaction made! This enables more money-making opportunities for our customers. Many ATM providers in the industry allow only as little as 20% which goes up to only a maximum of 45 percent!

Not only that, some companies even administer much worst terms when it comes to profit sharing. They have created set amounts as meager as $0.25 per each transaction. This is bad practice and only means maximizing the company’s profit based on the value that your business creates for them.

Increased Profit Share

Some distributors also have limiting range of transactions just for qualifying for a profit share; the business owners need to have a 100 transactions run through the ATM each month. ACE ATMs does not practice such contractual terms or feature a certain lower limit in order to qualify for a profit share. This means that our clients ALWAYS get paid despite how fewer transactions our ATMs may receive.

Also, our innovative tiered system enables clients to qualify for a higher percentage by minimizing the number of transactions required. To better understand this, let’s analyze an example. Most companies require at least an extra 50 transactions for an increased profit share of 1%. On the other hand, our profit share scale starts increasing from the very first transaction after the total of 200.

So with ACE ATMs if you score anywhere near 201 transactions in a month, you’d be successfully qualified for our Tier 2 profit share of 36%!

Therefore, getting an ATM placed at your business with ACE ATMs is a much more profitable and rewarding experience.