ACE ATMs provides free ATM insurance while being a top tier ATM placement company in Michigan. We offer a complimentary ATM machine insurance plan with every free placement service. When running a business you cannot be too sure of the risks involved, and therefore you have to be prepared accordingly. The coverage is valid for ATM machines being placed inside or outside of the business establishment, and has the capacity to cover theft and other damages in event of vandalism.

In the events of a theft, the coverage plan will cover expenses that your current insurance won’t! Whether if someone tries to unlawfully remove the machine from the premises, or cause severe damages to the property and the machine, the plan will cover the expenses.

We believe ATM placement should be as convenient and risk free as possible! And we make sure that there are no operating or maintenance costs involved. All the services rendered at ACE ATMs are centered on generating maximum profit for our clients. This way we ensure 100% customer satisfaction and exceptionally reliable ATM installation and maintenance services.

Free ATM Machine Insurance

Our customers do not have to think twice before deciding on getting an ATM installed at the premises. They do not even have to worry day and night once it’s placed. They always have the peace of mind that not only the property but their premises is safe. We also facilitate machines that have been equipped with the most effective cyber security software to prevent cybercrime, and promote secure transactions.