Did you know?

An onsite ATM placement has great potential to substantially improve customer experience and increase sales and foot traffic. Research proves that users spend about 20% of the withdrawn cash at the store itself! But it is more sensible to utilize maximum potential out of your ATM by tapping in all the various applications of the ATM machine. ATM placements can effectively boost brand visibility, marketing and awareness through custom ATM vinyl wraps.

ACE ATMs provides high quality, durable and HD graphic, vinyl ATM wraps that can be custom designed to meet the requirements of your business. Our vinyl wraps will help you visually stand out in the competitive market. The ATM wraps are made with perfect dimensions to give the ATM machines perfect contours.

ACE ATMs provides easy and free installation of ATMs that come placed over with customized vinyl wraps in accordance to the customer’s needs. Not only do we feature industry leading machines, but also facilitate wraps of highest durability. This feature will help bring more traffic to your business, encourage brand visibility and increase transaction volume considerably. You can efficiently advertise your services and products through our finest quality and vinyl wrapped ATMs.


Our customized vinyl ATM wraps have helped small business owners to unlock great potential out of their ATM placement. Old, dilapidated ATMs are boring and an eyesore for your store visitors. But eye-catching designs can attract more foot traffic, while also efficiently imparting important business details such as the hours of operation, website and social media links, and landline numbers. There’s no limit to creativity and varying styles to presenting your ATM to the public in order to utilize maximum advantage out of it. And ACE ATMs ensures that all of our customers get to avail such opportunity!

So don’t wait. And start designing your very own customized, HD and scratch resistant ATM vinyl wrap with ACE ATMs!