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Mobile ATMs are very crucial to the success of outdoor events nowadays. From farmers markets, concerts, beer fests, carnivals and music festivals, customers expect multiple ATM machines on location to provide them with instant cash. Mobile ATMs have become a necessity if you want to achieve superior customer satisfaction for your event attendees.

Mobile or portable ATM machines are not only useful for events. These mobile ATMs are becoming increasingly popular to provide fast, easy, and secure access to cash for people in remote areas.   Mobile ATMs allow you to reach new customer markets that are not at a close distance to banks or town centers.  Offering mobile ATM services in areas, where there are no or a few ATMs installed, can be very profitable for your business as you can increase your commission surcharges in such remote areas. Of course, innovations in wireless connectivity and digital technology, have contributed to the widespread usage of mobile ATMs and we expect this trend to continue because of rapid advancements in technology.

For now, the major chunk of mobile ATM rentals is used to cater to a variety of events. Mobile ATMs can be moved from one place to another without any trouble – having an ATM at your event, allows people at your event to have access to quick cash. Mobile ATMs are a plus for both customers and vendors. With cash in hand, the customers are quickly serviced at each stall with speedy transactions – this prevents long line-ups at booths and stalls, leading to increased revenues and good customer vibes, without much agitation when they are served right away.

It keeps customers content at the event when they can buy food and drinks easily, without having to leave the event at any time, for cash or other purchases at the nearest gas station or convenience store. Moreover, in festivals or events with games and entertainment, people are more likely to spend more with cash in hand. All this definitely leads to increased revenue and sales for event organizers and vendors setting up at the event.

The most important benefit of having ATMs available on site at your events is that people don’t have to leave the event premises to use an ATM to get cash!


Mobile atm

ACE ATM provides your event-goers with quick and convenient cash so they can spend it on your vendors. Whatever the event (carnival, concert, festival, car show, you name it), we have solutions to keep the cash flowing. We cater to all type of events (big or small) with a vast collection of latest ATM machines,

  • all fully-updated with no software glitches
  • uninterrupted wireless connectivity
  • compliant with all applicable standards and regulations like EMV/ADA

For ACE ATMs, it is not just about being compliant with the law, we go a step further and employ extra precaution with advanced security measures and accessibility features that improve the user experience for all ATM users)

Get in touch with us if you are interested in renting ATM machines for your event. Find out more about how our mobile ATMs can help increase your revenue and sales. We take care of everything operational, from start to finish:

  • Full-Service Installation at the event
  • Monitoring during the event (e.g. cash loading, keypad issues, faulty dispenser, etc.)
  • Pack up after the event is completed

Just let us know more about the expected number of event attendees and required ATM services for your event. ACE ATM will cover your event efficiently with multiple mobile ATMs at high traffic ports. We will exceed your expectations with our approachable customer support and dedicated performance throughout the event.