How Do I Get Myself an ATM for My Store?

By June 3, 2019ATM Machine

It is actually quite simple and straightforward!

There are many different ways you can make money off an ATM. It depends on how you go about it.

The most obvious – buy an ATM machine outright!

Buying an ATM machine outright may require a chunky initial investment. But there are plenty of advantages to having your own ATM. This is definitely cheaper and much more profitable than any other option to get an ATM installed at your store or retail premises. You have full control over:

  • setting the processing fee for each transaction (increase or decrease as you wish),
  • advertising spaces on your ATM which can be on-screen, on the topper or the body,
  • strategic placement of your machine(s) in the store or an ATM route

There is no profit sharing or fixed monthly payments like in profit sharing and rental agreements, respectively. You get 100% of the profits from all transactions. The purchase of an ATM gives you flexibility, allowing you to choose for how long you would like to operate the ATM at your location. There are many ATM service companies that focus on both ATM machine sales and ATM services, incl. processing, monitoring, maintenance, and any hardware related issues. Subsequently, these companies assist you in the stress-free running of your ATM machines, by providing related services where they take care of everything required in machine operation (like reloading cash, paper, regular maintenance, software updates, technical glitches).

Routine preventive maintenance can be conducted easily by an average person, if need be, with a technical guide provided by ATM companies. But there are some specialized tasks which can be overwhelming for non-technical people. These need to be performed regularly for smooth operation and reliable maintenance of today’s sophisticated ATM machines that utilize advanced software features for digital control, security and network requirements.

Other options include financing your ATM purchase through a leasing option. This option is for someone with little cash on hand and/or small businesses; if one is looking to avoid one big expenditure of a few thousand dollars up front and save some money, leasing might be the option for you. For those business owners, who are unsure about operating ATM machines on a long-term basis, leasing provides them an option to try it out for a few months whether ATM machines are a good proposition for them. Obviously, leasing will cost you more overall, compared to buying the machine outright, plus you may not be in total control when it comes to the transaction fee or placement of ATM.

Or if you don’t want to commit a significant investment for outright purchase of an ATM machine, you can go into a partnership agreement with an ATM company, where they install an ATM in your store for free and take care of all the operation. The profit share percentage (%) is agreed between the store-owner and ATM installation company.

This sharing percentage (%) is based on the foot traffic the ATM route or business attracts daily or monthly. Important things, which are taken into account, include the sales turnover of the said business and the number of customer visits, including people buying or simply visiting the store without making any purchases. Profit sharing is based on the number of transactions and many different agreements can be reached, in terms of percentages and division of responsibilities between the ATM Company and the store or business owner.

ACE ATMs provides one of the best profit sharing rates in the industry!

If this option of getting an ATM installed, through a partnership agreement, may be enticing for you, then ACE ATMs has got amazing opportunities for you to choose from. ACE ATMs believes in successful long-term business relationships where both sides benefit from each other. That is why they offer market-competitive rates for increased profit share— starting from 35% and going up to 60% per transaction. In comparison, many other ATM providers offer as low as 20% to businesses, going up to a maximum share of 45%. If you are interested in finding out more about these profit-sharing offerings from ACE ATMs, CHECK OUT this page for further details.

Another option for store-owners is to just rent out their space to an ATM company, who will install and operate the ATM in your store for a fixed monthly amount. ATM providers rent out retail spaces like in your neighborhood convenience store, 24-hour marts, malls, bars or even restaurants. Clubs, bars and pubs are also very profitable locations for ATM installations with a high density of transactions (with respect to time) in busy hours of service. The transactions may be concentrated on certain days or only a few hours every day. But a number of transactions are plenty over those few hours of operation, bringing in plenty of money through transaction fees.

Along with food and drink establishments, strip clubs and marijuana dispensaries are also very attractive options for ATM placements. The main reason being the anonymity it provides the customer with the cash transaction rather than the use of debit or credit card, which may display the purchase details on your bank account or credit card statements.

There are several ways you can make money from an ATM installation. One thing we can say for sure is that there is free money to be made. It comes down to your location, business type, and budget constraints. 

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