Q1) How is an ATM profitable for my business?
A). You don’t have to invest a penny― 100% profit from Zero Investment! Most businesses require you to pay a certain amount but at ACE ATMs, we will never ask a business owner for a single cent for our ATM placement service. Profit sharing starts at 35% per transaction and goes up from there depending on your generated traffic. Unlike most ATM companies who have an unfair profit share policy, and do not consider the traffic your business creates, ACE rewards businesses that have higher level of traffic with our higher profit share rates.

Q2) Will I be charged any monthly fee or hidden charges?
A). Absolutely not― not even one cent! All of our ATM placement services are free of cost. At ACE ATMs, we do not require you to pay for setting up, operating or advertising any of our ATM machines irrespective of the business’ location.

Q3) Do I have to load the ATM myself?
A). Not at all! Any business that signs up with ACE ATMs is sent a trained professional/technician for servicing and loading the machine with cash. This is absolutely free of cost! And saves you of your time and the hassle.

Q4) How do I qualify for a free ATM placement?
A). It’s quite simple! Your business needs to be within our operating radius. Just sign up for a free consultation. We’ll inspect the area, the foot traffic that your business generates and verify whether your business qualifies for our basic Safety and Security regulations. If you successfully qualify these basic requirements, we’ll come over for an on-site installation within 5 to 10 business days.

Q5) Is there a Minimum Transaction Range to qualify for the free placement or profit sharing?
A). Definitely not! We do not require you to have a specific transaction range to qualify for the free ATM installation. Most of the businesses that we work with do not have very high volume at their business’ location, and we’re fine by it! We are willing to work with low transaction volume businesses and cater to such locations as well. We also do not limit our customers by setting up a minimum range of transactions to qualify them for the profit share. Be it just one transaction or a 1000, you will always be allocated your deserving profit share as agreed upon in your ACE ATM contract!

Q6) What does the free ATM placement package consist of?
A). Free of cost ATM machine, Free ATM Risk Insurance, Complimentary ATM Cash Loading, Complimentary ATM Maintenance & Servicing, ATM Internet Connection, ATM Lighting (if necessary), Free receipt couponing

Q7) We do Accept Credit/Debit Cards, will an ATM still be useful to me?
A). Yes, indeed it will be! ACE ATMs are not only the source of increasing the cash flow, but are also a marketing prospect that drive patrons to a location, boost foot traffic and sales within a business. For instance, if a customer withdraws $60 from your ATM machine, they’ll likely spend $30 of that withdrawn amount while increasing your sales! Also if your card system ever goes down your customers will still be able to get cash from the ATM.

Q8) What if the Machine breaks down, or malfunctions?
A). In terms of plunder and theft if any damage occurs, the free risk insurance would cover the repair charges. Also, our well trained technicians are skilled enough to repair any damage free of cost, and provide effective maintenance.