Enhance Your Business by Preventing ATM Breakdowns

Preventing ATM Breakdowns

Hey, if you are a business owner and have an ATM machine installed at your location which breaks down often, you might be in trouble. Now, you must be wondering why you would get into trouble by a broken-down machine. Having an ATM which doesn’t work is not good for your reputation if we put it in simpler words due to several reasons which are listed below:

Reputation at Stake

Your store will be known as the place where ATM never works. Remember one bad experience is too much regarding customers. Just as happy customers help market a brand, unhappy and dissatisfied customers market it negatively. People would come to you without cash knowing you have an ATM only to be surprised that it is not working. They may not purchase for what they have come and they may never trust you again.

Imagine someone giving you a benefit of doubt and a second chance by returning, only to find it not working again. You may have repaired it after their first visit and it may have broken down again, just when they are here. But they won’t know this, neither, will they let it go this time. These customers would never recommend your brand to others and will call you out in social discussions as lazy and careless providers.

Do you want to have this kind of reputation? We guess, NO!

Unhappy Customers

Well, no guesses here. Do you really think a non-functioning machine will make your customers happy? Because we don’t think so! Imagine having a bunch of consumers turning against you and denouncing you at every possible conversation about your brand. All of this only because you were not good with the maintenance of ATM machine and it kept breaking down.

Unhappy customers are the biggest fear for any venture because there is no business and absolutely no money (forget the profits), if you don’t have satisfied customers. Buyers will not return after their bad experiences at your premises. Worst, customers will move to other places where there are reliable ATMs. You will lose a lot of surcharge plus there will be lesser sales.

Now, coming to the actual point of this write-up which is how can you prevent the ATM from breaking down?


Obviously, every machine needs proper maintenance and ATM is also a machine. Regular maintenance and inspection by experts reduce the downtime miraculously.

Keep a check on your ATM through an expert, decide a routine for instance bi-weekly or monthly inspections and stick to it for maintenance. Make sure that the maintenance time does not collide with busy work hours when you have most customers coming in. The best thing is to inspect the machine in the closing hours.

Temperature Control

This, a lot of people don’t know that ATM machines are temperature sensitive. Well, only mildly but continuous exposure to high temperatures, moisture, or excessive heat can do damage. It affects the performance of a machine so, it is best to avoid installing an ATM at place where temperature remains high and humid. Air conditioned spaces are good for ATM but then again it shouldn’t be freezing.

Cassettes Filling

Weekends and holidays are usually the days when ATMs run out of cash quickly, so plan ahead. Don’t wait for the low cash status to fill the cassettes on rush hours. If you keep filling the cassettes you would be able to avoid customer inconvenience and consumers will appreciate it. There will be a lot of people turning to you in times of need when most machines are out of cash.

Keep Touch Pad Clean

Sometimes, ATMs become less responsive due to dirt, and grease on the touch pad or screen. It affects the sensor, causing the performance to slow down. Keep the touch screens or pads clean. It does not require a lot of effort. Just wipe it off with damp cloth at the end of each day but make sure the cloth is damp and not wet. Don’t leave any traces of water or moisture. Always use a dry cloth after a damp one.

Loading an ATM

Always, always sort the money before you load an ATM. Torn, taped, and soggy currency bills are mostly the reason behind ATM jams. A lot of hassle can be saved if the cash is sorted out before.