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Your First ATM Machine

Your First ATM Machine and Keeping it Secure from common ATM threat Areas

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An ATM machine installation, at your retail location, can help diversify your income streams and provide you with a steady monthly earning along with your main business. If you are potentially interested in getting the benefits of running an ATM Machine, but don’t know about the many easy options to install an ATM at your store or any other business, the following piece will provide you a solid brief on the many options and security issues you need to be aware of, when operating your first ATM machine.

You can always get in touch with ACE ATMs if you are new to this ATM business and need to make general inquiries about anything related to ATM machines. We provide a range of services across Michigan to help you get started with your first ATM machine including free ATM machine installation, maintenance and servicing, and ATM insurance.

There are many different ways you can get an ATM installed at your business location. The following are the most common forms employed:

  • Upfront Capital Investment (One Time) to buy the ATM outright
  • Rent the space and let ATM companies install their machine
  • Rent out a machine for fixed time period to find out if it works for you.
  • Go in partnership agreement with the ATM installation companies and share profits from the surcharges or fees for every transaction.
  • ATM Leasing – Get a machine on leasing agreement*


*Note: The lease option works for those businesses who are not yet entirely convinced about the financial viability and do not want to risk a relatively sizeable one-time cost. You get greater value when you lease an ATM since you are only paying small monthly fees to get a month’s long service that offers numerous benefits.


There are various ways you can get an ATM and make money from it. If you own a retail business, or a food and hospitality business, having an ATM installed at your place, is basically free money. Just like with any other money making venture (big or small), you need to be careful about security and protecting your business interests.

With ATM machines, there are some security concerns (theft and fraud) that an ATM owner or operator needs to keep in mind. We will highlight some of these major issues so that you can take relevant security measures. ATMs are basically digital devices or machines that are run similar to other digital systems these days. ATMs need to be connected to a network so that when an ATM user inserts his/her debit or credit card, the system can communicate with the said bank to verify the account details and whether the card used, along with authorization details, is genuine. This communication channel, or rather ATM connection to a network, makes it prone to malware attacks or security breaches.

Most companies are keeping vigilant and constantly closing down security loopholes on these networks. ACE ATM also take these security issues seriously and that is why we only carry high-tech and reliable ATM machines with high security protection features. Like the Nautilus Hyosung ATM machines that are used throughout the Americas (including Canada and Mexico along with the US) and across the globe.

Criminals (and specifically, cyber criminals) are getting more and more sophisticated with their methods. They are constantly looking to change network infection vectors, responding to increased security by banks and ATM companies. These network-based attacks utilize a malware to infect ATM and once these guys are in, the can collect payment card data or force the ATM machines to dispense. ATM’s telecom network offers another potential means of attack. Sophisticated criminals can hack the ATM by infiltrating these online or using hidden USB ports, which are used for software update and maintenance, to gain access into the networks.

Simplified explanation of network based-malware attacks

1.      Send malware to the ATM network via phishing emails to banks employees
2.      This way they get into bank’s corporate network
3.      Steal Admin Credentials
4.      Hack into the Network
5.      Perform Lateral Movement
6.      Get Remote Access to ATMs
7.      Dispensing Cash from ATMs on Infected network
8.      Then mules collect or pick up the cash


Obviously, these are highly coordinated attacks and target ATMs holding a huge amount of cash at all times. There are both malware and non-malware attacks on ATM. The latter include physical threats and skimming. Physical threats include physical risks to ATM machines and its hardware. Skimming is type of ATM fraud which involves criminals trying to steal card data or taking control of their cards.

Criminals can get control of your card or data (including PIN) by many different ways e.g. they can get into your accounts and withdraw account’s balance by cloning bank cards and using hacking devices. Other methods include installing small spy cameras around keypads or using heat devices to find out your pin. There have been instances where some chip reader or card reader is attached to ATM machine to read the magnetic strip and/or copy card details for access to your bank accounts. Although it is harder to get details off chip cards but safety is crucial to prevent such instances.

At ACE ATM, we work with leading ATM companies and security companies (including IT and network experts) to ensure that all our partners and buyers are well-protected from different types of ATM threats. You can also further protect losses or damages by working with ACE ATM to obtain your Free ATM machine insurance.

Preventing ATM Breakdowns

Enhance Your Business by Preventing ATM Breakdowns

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Hey, if you are a business owner and have an ATM machine installed at your location which breaks down often, you might be in trouble. Now, you must be wondering why you would get into trouble by a broken-down machine. Having an ATM which doesn’t work is not good for your reputation if we put it in simpler words due to several reasons which are listed below:

Reputation at Stake

Your store will be known as the place where ATM never works. Remember one bad experience is too much regarding customers. Just as happy customers help market a brand, unhappy and dissatisfied customers market it negatively. People would come to you without cash knowing you have an ATM only to be surprised that it is not working. They may not purchase for what they have come and they may never trust you again.

Imagine someone giving you a benefit of doubt and a second chance by returning, only to find it not working again. You may have repaired it after their first visit and it may have broken down again, just when they are here. But they won’t know this, neither, will they let it go this time. These customers would never recommend your brand to others and will call you out in social discussions as lazy and careless providers.

Do you want to have this kind of reputation? We guess, NO!

Unhappy Customers

Well, no guesses here. Do you really think a non-functioning machine will make your customers happy? Because we don’t think so! Imagine having a bunch of consumers turning against you and denouncing you at every possible conversation about your brand. All of this only because you were not good with the maintenance of ATM machine and it kept breaking down.

Unhappy customers are the biggest fear for any venture because there is no business and absolutely no money (forget the profits), if you don’t have satisfied customers. Buyers will not return after their bad experiences at your premises. Worst, customers will move to other places where there are reliable ATMs. You will lose a lot of surcharge plus there will be lesser sales.

Now, coming to the actual point of this write-up which is how can you prevent the ATM from breaking down?


Obviously, every machine needs proper maintenance and ATM is also a machine. Regular maintenance and inspection by experts reduce the downtime miraculously.

Keep a check on your ATM through an expert, decide a routine for instance bi-weekly or monthly inspections and stick to it for maintenance. Make sure that the maintenance time does not collide with busy work hours when you have most customers coming in. The best thing is to inspect the machine in the closing hours.

Temperature Control

This, a lot of people don’t know that ATM machines are temperature sensitive. Well, only mildly but continuous exposure to high temperatures, moisture, or excessive heat can do damage. It affects the performance of a machine so, it is best to avoid installing an ATM at place where temperature remains high and humid. Air conditioned spaces are good for ATM but then again it shouldn’t be freezing.

Cassettes Filling

Weekends and holidays are usually the days when ATMs run out of cash quickly, so plan ahead. Don’t wait for the low cash status to fill the cassettes on rush hours. If you keep filling the cassettes you would be able to avoid customer inconvenience and consumers will appreciate it. There will be a lot of people turning to you in times of need when most machines are out of cash.

Keep Touch Pad Clean

Sometimes, ATMs become less responsive due to dirt, and grease on the touch pad or screen. It affects the sensor, causing the performance to slow down. Keep the touch screens or pads clean. It does not require a lot of effort. Just wipe it off with damp cloth at the end of each day but make sure the cloth is damp and not wet. Don’t leave any traces of water or moisture. Always use a dry cloth after a damp one.

Loading an ATM

Always, always sort the money before you load an ATM. Torn, taped, and soggy currency bills are mostly the reason behind ATM jams. A lot of hassle can be saved if the cash is sorted out before.

ATM Improves

ATM Improves the Infrastructure of Your Business

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Every business owner is looking for new ideas, business strategies, products and services to increase sales. They must never seize their search for new ways to increase profits because that is exactly how businesses thrive and grow. Monotony or stagnation in anything leads to failure and if you do not want your brand to fail, then you must be taking every step out there to make transactions and purchases easier and convenient for customers.

Customer satisfaction is the one of reasons businesses should have an ATM machine in their premises. The use of these machines began in 1980s and since then it has changed the behavior of customers. ATM machine allows you to draw cash outside of typical banking hours without much effort. A lot of routes and neighborhood stores make a lot of their transaction surcharges from near-by residents, who want close access to ATM at late night and early morning hours. This is why making the machine accessible for the customers, increases sales for the business. Now, businesses can even get free ATM machine installation anywhere in Michigan from many ATM companies. ACE ATM offers this free ATM machine installation service all across the state for all types of business including neighborhood stores, strip malls, restaurants, bars and other locations.

Better Sales

It is very simple to understand that not every walk-in customer is carrying cash or a credit card. Having an ATM machine will increase the chances of customer spending more. Many times buyers have to leave something that they liked due to not enough cash on them but with an ATM machine they can draw out cash and pay for whatever they like. Also, near-by residents also have a reliable and quick cash out option any time they need it. The folks in the latter case may end up buying something from your store, even if they only intended to initially just make an ATM withdrawal.

One research showed that ATM customers spend 15% more than the non-ATM customers at a convenience store. This percentage grows in restaurants and similar establishments.

Better Business Growth

The increase in sales is directly linked to betterment and expansion of business. How do you think a business can grow if it has limited sales? Of course, it cannot and there is no question about it. At the core of every business are monetary equations and there is nothing wrong about it.

ATM machines increases sales directly and play their part in the growth of infrastructure indirectly. It is no brainer that every brand needs money to operate, from space to equipment to software to delivery methods; every step requires money.

Better Marketing

Apart from boosting sales, these machines are a great marketing tool, too. With the placement of an ATM machine, businesses can create a good image for themselves as being customer-friendly. It is not necessarily aimed at the target market. In fact, those who are not your target customers can also become returning customers. In simpler words, a simple ATM machine installation is able to attract more footfall to your location.

Better Brand Image

These machines also enhance the image of a brand. Firstly, it becomes consumer-friendly and secondly, it is something that makes you stand out in a competitive market.

Added Advantage

Another smart thing about installing ATMs is that a business can earn small commissions by allowing ATM installation. When consumers use ATM they pay small transaction charges. A part of these charges goes to the business which allows placing a machine. It is profitable for a business in more than one way. In the long run, an ATM machine does not only increase sales, it also multiplies the amount spent by consumers, generates more leads, and markets the brand in most effective ways.


All in all, ATM machines are known for revolutionizing consumerism as well as consumer spending. In a competitive market where every business wants to thrive, ATM is a good option to not only increase monetary gains but stabilize the overall infrastructure of the company.

If a business wants to be recognized as one of the best customer service providers, then it should have an ATM machine because no buyer likes to buy from someone who does not care about them and their convenience.

Contact us today to find out about the many different ways ACE ATMs can help you get a Retail ATM machine for your business, anywhere in the state of Michigan.

ATM Machine Insurance

Understanding the Need for ATM Machine Insurance

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Just like with any business nowadays, ATMs come with their risks as well. If you own ATM machine(s) or just operate it, then you need to be protected by quality insurance programs offered by reliable insurance providers. Whether you are an ATM owner, ATM services company, or security and logistics company performing the cash-in-transit role for an ATM route, it is essential that you have comprehensive ATM machine insurance coverage to provide you broad protection against natural happenings (floods, earthquakes, etc.), vandalism, theft, data, and network breaches.

We will discuss some of the details on

In today’s world, people do not carry large amounts of cash. It is not just for cash withdrawals only, but for all other bank-related tasks like cash deposits, cheques, balances and account transfer, that we rely on ATM machines. The growing trend suggests that people do not tend to go visit their bank branch very often and find it convenient to conduct their banking through digital banking or ATM machines. With many innovations being introduced in modern ATMs including smart banking features, we expect to see the importance and reliance on ATM machines to grow, along with the number of machines and ATM routes.

Therefore, it is very essential for everyone associated with the ATM industry to understand the risks involved and how to tackle these potential issues safely and securely. There are three major types of ATM threats or focus areas:

  • Physical threats which include physical risks to ATM machines and its hardware
  • Network or logistical security which covers IT infrastructure, securing privileged access and protection from malware
  • Skimming and ATM Fraud which involves criminals trying to steal card data or taking control of their cards

We will discuss the above mentioned ATM vulnerabilities in detail, case by case, at another time. But the wide-ranging threats are real and criminals are getting sophisticated every day employing increasing technical and complex means of stealing money off ATM machines or networks. With this current scenario, ATM insurance and threat risk management hold significant importance and thus, these cannot be overlooked.

A broad ATM Risk Insurance program protects ATM owners against any losses due to damages or problems to the machine hardware and the cash it contains. A good, reliable insurer will provide you with broad coverage against both external attackers and your own employees, and get your insurance claims and damages processed quickly through an efficient process.

If you work with ACE ATM, you do not have to worry about these threats and risks to your ATM business as we work with reliable insurance providers are quick and effective with your claims. With every free ATM placement with ACE ATM, you get free ATM Machine Insurance!

Although physical ATM theft or vandalism is rare, we help keep you covered nevertheless! In the event of a theft, we help cover damages not covered by your regular insurance. ACE ATMs will ensure that you get comprehensive coverage on machines you buy from us. We will also ensure that claims are processed and dealt with promptly.

Speak to one of our project specialists to find out more about how we protect you against many different types of ATM threats!

mobile atm service

Mobile ATMs

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Mobile ATMs are very crucial to the success of outdoor events nowadays. From farmers markets, concerts, beer fests, carnivals and music festivals, customers expect multiple ATM machines on location to provide them with instant cash. Mobile ATMs have become a necessity if you want to achieve superior customer satisfaction for your event attendees.

Mobile or portable ATM machines are not only useful for events. These mobile ATMs are becoming increasingly popular to provide fast, easy, and secure access to cash for people in remote areas.   Mobile ATMs allow you to reach new customer markets that are not at a close distance to banks or town centers.  Offering mobile ATM services in areas, where there are no or a few ATMs installed, can be very profitable for your business as you can increase your commission surcharges in such remote areas. Of course, innovations in wireless connectivity and digital technology, have contributed to the widespread usage of mobile ATMs and we expect this trend to continue because of rapid advancements in technology.

For now, the major chunk of mobile ATM rentals is used to cater to a variety of events. Mobile ATMs can be moved from one place to another without any trouble – having an ATM at your event, allows people at your event to have access to quick cash. Mobile ATMs are a plus for both customers and vendors. With cash in hand, the customers are quickly serviced at each stall with speedy transactions – this prevents long line-ups at booths and stalls, leading to increased revenues and good customer vibes, without much agitation when they are served right away.

It keeps customers content at the event when they can buy food and drinks easily, without having to leave the event at any time, for cash or other purchases at the nearest gas station or convenience store. Moreover, in festivals or events with games and entertainment, people are more likely to spend more with cash in hand. All this definitely leads to increased revenue and sales for event organizers and vendors setting up at the event.

The most important benefit of having ATMs available on site at your events is that people don’t have to leave the event premises to use an ATM to get cash!


Mobile atm

ACE ATM provides your event-goers with quick and convenient cash so they can spend it on your vendors. Whatever the event (carnival, concert, festival, car show, you name it), we have solutions to keep the cash flowing. We cater to all type of events (big or small) with a vast collection of latest ATM machines,

  • all fully-updated with no software glitches
  • uninterrupted wireless connectivity
  • compliant with all applicable standards and regulations like EMV/ADA

For ACE ATMs, it is not just about being compliant with the law, we go a step further and employ extra precaution with advanced security measures and accessibility features that improve the user experience for all ATM users)

Get in touch with us if you are interested in renting ATM machines for your event. Find out more about how our mobile ATMs can help increase your revenue and sales. We take care of everything operational, from start to finish:

  • Full-Service Installation at the event
  • Monitoring during the event (e.g. cash loading, keypad issues, faulty dispenser, etc.)
  • Pack up after the event is completed

Just let us know more about the expected number of event attendees and required ATM services for your event. ACE ATM will cover your event efficiently with multiple mobile ATMs at high traffic ports. We will exceed your expectations with our approachable customer support and dedicated performance throughout the event.

ATM Routes

ATM Routes, Location and Placement

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There are a number of factors to consider when considering the optimal placement of ATM for maximum profitability. It is not solely a data-based decision. Rather, you need to consider marketing and psychological factors, when it comes to choosing the best place for your ATM.

Proper strategic placement enables frequent use of your ATM and increases activity on your ATM for more transactions. Plus there is indirect revenue to be made from an ATM machine installation if you have an ATM inside your store. This is such an important factor if you are a store-owner because you want to ensure that people come into your store to use the ATM regularly. So you want to ensure easy and smooth access to your ATM. But you also want to create a balance with the correct placement, so as to use that increased foot traffic, to increase product exposure for increased store sales.

People sometimes prefer store ATMs over the regular bank ATMs in busy spots, e.g. malls, universities, colleges, and busy streets. This is to avoid long waiting times that are expected at such ATMs at busy times during the day.  Using a proper strategy, you need to highlight ATM availability in your store around these busy spots. It will go a long way in ensuring that pedestrians can easily notice and spot that you have an operational ATM installed in your premises; Maybe through a neon sign or flashy ATM board outside your store. If you have a see-through glass window, you may want to put your ATM there so that people passing-by can notice it straight away.

For a gas station or a 24-hour mart, with ample space outside the store, you can place your ATM outside for increased visibility and ease of access for ATM costumers. Outdoor ATMs can be really cool and profitable, though they may require more attention as they are more susceptible to physical tampering, jackpotting, theft, and vandalism. Outdoor ATMs are also a great option because they allow 24/7 operation. These can be outside strip malls, in parking lots, outside round-the-clock stores or simply, on the pavement street side.

For generic outdoor ATMs, customers need to have a sense of security. Surroundings, around your ATM, have to be in a nice spot (preferably busy but with secluded privacy), well-lit and in a clean environment, preferably part of a well-maintained building. Regardless of whether it is placed completely indoors, or a window operation at the wall with the bulk of the machine residing inside the walls.

With correct ATM placement and associated marketing strategy, one can easily cover the cost of buying an ATM in a short time. Maximizing the return on investment, ATM owners can make additional money on busy routes through advertising revenue. Keeping the on-screen uptime high for ATM users throughout the day can add to your advertising revenues for both on-screen ads and ad spaces on the exterior of your ATM, using vinyl wraps for advertising content.

Whether you are thinking about putting an ATM in your store or outside your premises or buying multiple ATMs on a route, ACE ATMs can assist you from start to finish providing you a detailed analysis, along with the customized strategy for your route or location.

Get in touch with us with our route specialists to get insights of profitability and revenues that can be generated at specific locations.

How Do I Get Myself an ATM for My Store?

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It is actually quite simple and straightforward!

There are many different ways you can make money off an ATM. It depends on how you go about it.

The most obvious – buy an ATM machine outright!

Buying an ATM machine outright may require a chunky initial investment. But there are plenty of advantages to having your own ATM. This is definitely cheaper and much more profitable than any other option to get an ATM installed at your store or retail premises. You have full control over:

  • setting the processing fee for each transaction (increase or decrease as you wish),
  • advertising spaces on your ATM which can be on-screen, on the topper or the body,
  • strategic placement of your machine(s) in the store or an ATM route

There is no profit sharing or fixed monthly payments like in profit sharing and rental agreements, respectively. You get 100% of the profits from all transactions. The purchase of an ATM gives you flexibility, allowing you to choose for how long you would like to operate the ATM at your location. There are many ATM service companies that focus on both ATM machine sales and ATM services, incl. processing, monitoring, maintenance, and any hardware related issues. Subsequently, these companies assist you in the stress-free running of your ATM machines, by providing related services where they take care of everything required in machine operation (like reloading cash, paper, regular maintenance, software updates, technical glitches).

Routine preventive maintenance can be conducted easily by an average person, if need be, with a technical guide provided by ATM companies. But there are some specialized tasks which can be overwhelming for non-technical people. These need to be performed regularly for smooth operation and reliable maintenance of today’s sophisticated ATM machines that utilize advanced software features for digital control, security and network requirements.

Other options include financing your ATM purchase through a leasing option. This option is for someone with little cash on hand and/or small businesses; if one is looking to avoid one big expenditure of a few thousand dollars up front and save some money, leasing might be the option for you. For those business owners, who are unsure about operating ATM machines on a long-term basis, leasing provides them an option to try it out for a few months whether ATM machines are a good proposition for them. Obviously, leasing will cost you more overall, compared to buying the machine outright, plus you may not be in total control when it comes to the transaction fee or placement of ATM.

Or if you don’t want to commit a significant investment for outright purchase of an ATM machine, you can go into a partnership agreement with an ATM company, where they install an ATM in your store for free and take care of all the operation. The profit share percentage (%) is agreed between the store-owner and ATM installation company.

This sharing percentage (%) is based on the foot traffic the ATM route or business attracts daily or monthly. Important things, which are taken into account, include the sales turnover of the said business and the number of customer visits, including people buying or simply visiting the store without making any purchases. Profit sharing is based on the number of transactions and many different agreements can be reached, in terms of percentages and division of responsibilities between the ATM Company and the store or business owner.

ACE ATMs provides one of the best profit sharing rates in the industry!

If this option of getting an ATM installed, through a partnership agreement, may be enticing for you, then ACE ATMs has got amazing opportunities for you to choose from. ACE ATMs believes in successful long-term business relationships where both sides benefit from each other. That is why they offer market-competitive rates for increased profit share— starting from 35% and going up to 60% per transaction. In comparison, many other ATM providers offer as low as 20% to businesses, going up to a maximum share of 45%. If you are interested in finding out more about these profit-sharing offerings from ACE ATMs, CHECK OUT this page for further details.

Another option for store-owners is to just rent out their space to an ATM company, who will install and operate the ATM in your store for a fixed monthly amount. ATM providers rent out retail spaces like in your neighborhood convenience store, 24-hour marts, malls, bars or even restaurants. Clubs, bars and pubs are also very profitable locations for ATM installations with a high density of transactions (with respect to time) in busy hours of service. The transactions may be concentrated on certain days or only a few hours every day. But a number of transactions are plenty over those few hours of operation, bringing in plenty of money through transaction fees.

Along with food and drink establishments, strip clubs and marijuana dispensaries are also very attractive options for ATM placements. The main reason being the anonymity it provides the customer with the cash transaction rather than the use of debit or credit card, which may display the purchase details on your bank account or credit card statements.

There are several ways you can make money from an ATM installation. One thing we can say for sure is that there is free money to be made. It comes down to your location, business type, and budget constraints. 

Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out about the different ways ACE ATMs can help you get a Retail ATM machine for your business


How an ATM Machine Installation Can Add to Your Store’s Bottom-line – $$$!

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1: Has your store sales taken a dip in recent months and you are getting a bit worried?
2: Are you looking to add consistent extra income every month to supplement your main business?
3: Have you been wondering lately if your store is lacking the required customer foot traffic?

You can make use of the many benefits of an ATM machine, to address most of these concerns. An ATM installation can help diversify your income streams and provide you with a steady cash flow along with your main business; be it a convenience store, store in a shopping mall, or even restaurants, clubs and bars.

The most obvious way to make money, by having an ATM on your premises, is through the ATM fees or surcharges that ATM users pay for using the machine. Outside customers from the neighborhood or pedestrians in the neighborhood in need of quick cash will start using your ATM services. Moreover, your regular clients will use the ATM every now and then, when they come to buy stuff from you. If you have bought the ATM machine outright, you can set the ATM fees as much as you want. By charging any reasonable convenience fee, you expect to make a few hundred dollars at least from the first month without any hassle, going in to 4-digit income after a while, when people start noticing your ATM installation. The amount of money you make off the transactions, depends on the foot traffic and number of customers you attract to your store or location.

Attract-Millennials-to-Your-StoreGone are the days when people used to carry a lot of cash on them. Nowadays, one cannot imagine going a day or two without using an ATM for quick cash withdrawal, especially for the younger millennial crowd. This group includes college students or young professionals, who do not like the idea of carrying too much cash. Some people have resorted to using credit cards only when it is absolutely necessary, because they don’t want to rack up their credit card debt, even for routine purchases. And when they need cash to buy something at the neighborhood market or store, they want cash available through ATMs in close proximity.

Apart from this primary income stream from ATM fees, the less thought-of reason to install an ATM is the increased exposure you will get through an ATM machine placement. An ATM machine at your retail location can add to your current sales by having more people walking in through the door. There are many tools you can use to increase the footfall into your store and having an ATM is proven to be one of those marketing ploys. If people have access to reliable ATM services in your store, they are more likely to use it again when need be. When they have cash in hand, they might buy something from your store if they happen to like something the see. As a store-owner, you may put selected items on display close to the ATM, so that the people who come in just to use the ATM, might catch a glimpse of some of these products.

Let’s take an example of a mall store, which carries men’s clothing and apparel. The target audience here is primarily male adults. But with an ATM machine installation, you might get a few female in to the store who might want to make use of your ATM machine and may end up buying something for their family, boyfriend or spouse.

Reasons for having an ATM installed in your store

o    ATM fees per transaction every time your ATM is used for cash withdrawal
o    More foot traffic leading to more potential costumers walking-in through the door
o    Increased sales with more exposure as more people will visit your store
o    Reduces your credit card processing fees by giving your store customers access to cash to buy your products
o    Provides store-owners with opportunities to sell Advertising Spaces On-screen in the ATM interface
o    Topper above the screen console (ATM users and other store customers can see this)
o    ATM body exterior as Ad space with HD graphics and customized vinyl wraps

Or if this store is an art store. People may walk in and may see something amazing that they may like and end up purchasing some pieces of art on sale. If they are satisfied with your product, that’s two birds with one shot. They will remember the store in the mall with the ATM machine and might end up recommending it to a friend or a colleague at work.

A smart strategy and marketing tactic can be deployed with the correct placement of ATM machine, to improve or add to your main business, without doubt. It will go a long way in ensuring that pedestrians or customers notice that you have an operational ATM installed in your premises. If you have a see-through glass window, you may want to put your ATM there so that people passing-by can notice it straightaway. If you have a convenience store or 24-hour mart with ample space outside the store, you can place your ATM outside for increased visibility and ease of access for ATM costumers. If you are planning to have an ATM in a mall store, restaurant or pub, you may want to place a neon sign or any noticeable elevated sign, to attract customers for the available ATM services at your location.

Contact us today at ACE ATMs to find out more about how you can supplement your main business with an ATM machine on your retail premises!