ATM Routes, Location and Placement

By June 21, 2019ATM Machine
ATM Routes

There are a number of factors to consider when considering the optimal placement of ATM for maximum profitability. It is not solely a data-based decision. Rather, you need to consider marketing and psychological factors, when it comes to choosing the best place for your ATM.

Proper strategic placement enables frequent use of your ATM and increases activity on your ATM for more transactions. Plus there is indirect revenue to be made from an ATM machine installation if you have an ATM inside your store. This is such an important factor if you are a store-owner because you want to ensure that people come into your store to use the ATM regularly. So you want to ensure easy and smooth access to your ATM. But you also want to create a balance with the correct placement, so as to use that increased foot traffic, to increase product exposure for increased store sales.

People sometimes prefer store ATMs over the regular bank ATMs in busy spots, e.g. malls, universities, colleges, and busy streets. This is to avoid long waiting times that are expected at such ATMs at busy times during the day.  Using a proper strategy, you need to highlight ATM availability in your store around these busy spots. It will go a long way in ensuring that pedestrians can easily notice and spot that you have an operational ATM installed in your premises; Maybe through a neon sign or flashy ATM board outside your store. If you have a see-through glass window, you may want to put your ATM there so that people passing-by can notice it straight away.

For a gas station or a 24-hour mart, with ample space outside the store, you can place your ATM outside for increased visibility and ease of access for ATM costumers. Outdoor ATMs can be really cool and profitable, though they may require more attention as they are more susceptible to physical tampering, jackpotting, theft, and vandalism. Outdoor ATMs are also a great option because they allow 24/7 operation. These can be outside strip malls, in parking lots, outside round-the-clock stores or simply, on the pavement street side.

For generic outdoor ATMs, customers need to have a sense of security. Surroundings, around your ATM, have to be in a nice spot (preferably busy but with secluded privacy), well-lit and in a clean environment, preferably part of a well-maintained building. Regardless of whether it is placed completely indoors, or a window operation at the wall with the bulk of the machine residing inside the walls.

With correct ATM placement and associated marketing strategy, one can easily cover the cost of buying an ATM in a short time. Maximizing the return on investment, ATM owners can make additional money on busy routes through advertising revenue. Keeping the on-screen uptime high for ATM users throughout the day can add to your advertising revenues for both on-screen ads and ad spaces on the exterior of your ATM, using vinyl wraps for advertising content.

Whether you are thinking about putting an ATM in your store or outside your premises or buying multiple ATMs on a route, ACE ATMs can assist you from start to finish providing you a detailed analysis, along with the customized strategy for your route or location.

Get in touch with us with our route specialists to get insights of profitability and revenues that can be generated at specific locations.